Statutory audit

When performing audit, the auditor is required to verify the accuracy of the report prepared by the management board of a company. Both auditor and the management of the company aim at the situation where the report does not contain any significant mistakes. Our approach to audit allows discovery of potential errors already before the end of the reporting period.

We use interim audit in case of many clients. The purpose of interim audit is to discuss with the management of the company critical issues that require special attention from the management in terms of preparing the report. In addition to that we try to detect potential significant mistakes when inspecting 9 or 10 months, so that necessary changes could be effected before the end of the financial year.

In the course of interim audit we also agree on required stock-taking procedures and their timing. Just like the management of the company, we are interested in recording major entries of the company in an accurate manner.

If you find such approach suitable, please contact us for performing statutory audit. We are ready to provide you the best service.

A good auditor can be compared to a good lawyer who assists clients in finding solutions in complex situations. We believe that besides expert knowledge of financial rules, auditors also need to be good advisors.