Opinion on non-monetary contribution

Auditor is generally required to present an opinion on non-monetary contribution when the company increases its equity capital by non-monetary contribution. In addition to routine verification of the compliance of contribution documents we also advise our clients in the matters related to formalisation of the non-monetary contribution. The size of required legal reserve, the simplicity of reducing equity capital, etc. may depend on the formalisation.

MIn general, the following documents are required for evaluating the non-monetary contribution:

  • articles of association of the company;
  • documents certifying the composition, existence and right of ownership of assets;
  • protocol of valuation of non-monetary contribution prepared by the management board or expert;
  • other documentation required for non-monetary contribution (owners’ resolution, agreement of delivery and receipt of assets, etc.)

After receiving the documents we shall examine them, make required preparations in order to be sure that the non-monetary contribution complies with relevant documents and present to you our opinion for submission to the commercial register.

A non-monetary contribution may be any thing which is monetarily appraisable and transferable to the company or a proprietary right. If you are interested in consultation about the procedure for making non-monetary contribution, please contact us.

We may provide assistance in communicating with notary and commercial register, when necessary. All you have to do is to come to us, submit your request and we will assist you in getting things in order.