Sander Kallasmaa

Sander Kallasmaa

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Certified auditor and member of the Estonian Auditors Association since 1998. I have been engaged in auditing since 1995, initially in an audit firm based on Estonian capital and in 1999-2008 in the international audit firm Deloitte, where I performed the duties of lead auditor and the head of audit department. In 2008 I co-established Baker Tilly Baltics OÜ, where I work as certified auditor and audit partner.

During 2004-2007 I participated in the work of the evaluation committee of the competition “Finantsaruandluse Lipulaev” (“Flagship of Financial Reporting”) organised by the Estonian Accounting Standards Board. In 2013 I became member of the Estonian Accounting Standards Board and were elected as its chairman since 2016. I have been active in the development of audit profession – member of the Methodology Committee of the Estonian Auditors Association since 2007, member of the Management Board of the Estonian Auditors Association 2010-2013, member of the Exam Committee 2010-2016 and have participated in the work of quality review teams. I have lectured on several training courses on auditing or accounting.

My areas of interest

In my opinion the most important role of the auditor is that of an advisor, and thus I make all efforts to get to know my clients, ensure open and straightforward communication and personal development.

My areas of interest include international financial reporting standards and international auditing standards, multinational groups, issues related to financial management, improvement of general level of auditing in Estonia.


Sound mind in a sound body! In order to stay in good health, I engage in sports activities, such as cycling and other outdoor activities. Music and theatre are good for sharpening the mind.