Tax consultancy

Tõnis Jakob

Senior Tax Manager
Phone: +372 501 1120

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Taxation of companies

While planning future transactions, it is reasonable to think several moves ahead and examine potential consequences of intended transaction. For instance, mistakes are rather frequently made in the field of international transactions.
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Tax risk audit

We help the companies to detect potential tax risks and find relevant solutions. The more complicated the transactions, the higher the risks. As a rule, tax issues should receive more attention when performing transactions with foreign countries or in case of many intra-group transactions (so-called transfer prices). We provide assistance in reviewing potential risk sources and explain potential outcome in case of one or the other conduct scenario, so that you could make the decision that is the best for you.
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International taxation

When starting a business abroad one has to get to know local tax rules. Cross-border enterprise needs to be familiar with the procedures prescribed for transactions and profit taxation in that particular country.
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