Sander Kallasmaa


Audit services

When performing audit, the auditor is required to verify the accuracy of the report prepared by the management board of a company. Both auditor and the management of the company aim at the situation where the report does not contain any significant mistakes. Our approach to audit allows discovery of potential errors already before the end of the reporting period.
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Tax consultancy

Collection of state taxes becomes more and more efficient each year. At the same time taxation law becomes more and more complicated. Therefore there is an increasing need for the assistance of a tax consultant, both when planning future transactions and when solving the problems arising from unawareness.
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We have chosen to act like consultants rather than strict and prosaic auditors or tax consultants whose duties are restricted by verifying compliance with rules and standards. Based on our expertise, we try to provide support to ensure better decision-making. We are creative and flexible when searching potential solutions.
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Start-up services

We seek to support undertakings throughout their life cycle. We offer services ranging from founding of an undertaking (including address and post box service) to preparation of required documentation (e.g. employment contracts, etc.) and supporting daily records management, etc.
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Accurate accounting is a value worth striving for. Disorders in accounting lead to making wrong management decisions or potential tax-related risks sooner or later. We offer our assistance in organising your accounting, keeping staff accounts and wage accounting.
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