10 years of quality services

Today, exactly 10 years ago – on 11th of July 2008 – Baker Tilly Baltics OÜ’s official journey began.This was started by three founders Kaido Vetevoog, Kalle Kägi and Sander Kallasmaa. Like most beginnings, the first year was exciting and full of do-it-yourself joy to build up the firm. During these ten years the firm, initially providing audit services and tax advisory, has grown to ten-person experienced player in its area providing also accounting services as well legal and financial advisory. This has been made possible thanks to our employees, clients and co-operation partners with whom we hope to keep the pace going to the new decade.

Thank you a lot to everyone!

Two new partners joined us in October

We are glad that in addition to client interest towards our services, Baker Tilly Baltics is an attractive cooperation partner in our field. Two new partners joined us in October.

Taivo Epner, a well known certified public accountant in Estonia and Ursula Trallmann, an experienced accounting services provider to lead the same function in Baker Tilly Baltics.

With the help of Taivo we can see an opportunity to grow and provide high quality auditing service. Ursula has been with us over a year and has established a working accounting service business line.

Message from Taivo: “I am happy to join Baker Tilly Baltics and to contribute to firm’s development and growth with my long experience in the field. Baker Tilly Baltics has good specialists to cooperate with to create value to our new and existing clients. It is important to be part of an international network that enables to reach for even more cooperation partners.”

Message from Ursula: “H.Hesse said that every strong person will certainly achieve what he/she truly desires. As it shows I have had a big desire to build accounting services department for Baker Tilly. There is still lot more to do that in turn motivates to achieve even more. I have many good ideas, supporting team and big urge to create and achieve.”

Ursula Trallmann, Head of Accounting Services in Baker Tilly Baltics, were elected the chairman of Accounting Services Committee of AEA

On 14 March 2017 annual general meeting of Association of Estonian Accountants (AEA) took place. Among several topics were election of the chairman of Accounting Services Committee. Ursula Trallmann, Head of Accounting Services in Baker Tilly Baltics and member of the Accounting Services Committee of AEA since 2016, were elected to this position. She was also elected to the council of AEA.

We congratulate Ursula and wish her success in these positions!

Our accounting department is changing

We are happy to announce, that we have decided to establish an innovative accounting services department.

In September Baker Tilly Baltics was joined by Ursula Trallmann who will lead and be responsible for accounting services in BTB.

Ursula has nearly 20 years of experience in accounting and has contributed to a company among Big4 as an accounting service provider for the last 13 years. She has the highest ranked license, senior accountant level 6 in the European Qualification Framework (EQF). She has organized several accounting trainings and has also worked as an accounting software lecturer. She is also an active member of Association of Estonian Accountants. In addition to interest in innovation Ursula’s hobbies are running and cycling. She likes photography and has contributed to non-profit organizations like Minu Unistuste Päev (My Dream Day) and Jooksuparnteri Jooks (Running Partner’s Run).

“I believe, that with my experience in accounting I can create additional value to BTB as well as its current and future clients. My strengths include deep knowledge about accounting software and wide interest in innovative solutions. BTB will definitely become more than ordinary accounting services provider. Our plans are big and ambitious.” said Ursula.